Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What do I do? Help!

Panic, table for 1 please!
So, the tech support gig offered me the job yesterday and for quite a bit more than they offered back in Febuary. I haven't heard from the poop plant about the internship (though, I have emailed twice) and I am currently sitting at my receptionist job, that I like a lot.
What do I do? Do I take the good paying job, on the chance that I might never break into the wastewater industry?? Do I rest on my laurels (sidebar- what the fuck is up with that stupid expression and why the hell did I just use it??) here at my little paying job and hope to still score an internship and just buckle down finance-wise? Maybe I get a different second job (ditch the winery gig, since there have been no hours from there) that pays ok and maybe that would balance out?
Anyways, totally freaking the fuck out over here. Not sure what to do, where to go. My brain is going in 5 million different directions and I can't even being to settle on a decision.


JT said...

I am not too sure this is really a plea for advice so I am not going to jump on it and solve, or salve, all your concerns PaPastyle. What I did want to do is thank you for the tour of FitnFurry. I was way impressed. I'd go through the various things that impressed me but why do that when I can say that that "impressed" covered everything. It is a shame that it doesn't pay more. I UNDERSTAND why it can't but you look very happy and it seemed like a great fit. Too often jobs that we love are destined to be jobs that we work at because we love them and not because they pay bow koo pesos. But, that said, that is as far as I go on that subject. Unless you really want my input. Love to all, Dad

Disenchanted Dreamer said...

Wow, I went through an identical struggle before the semester started up again.

I can't say which way to go, and it seems that you allready made a choice, but I hope that the choice is right for you.

I am still wondering about mine.

Time will tell, as it will for you.

Good luck!