Friday, July 18, 2008


Why is it that people say they will call you by the end of the week and never do? Why can't they just say, "we will let you know"? By saying they will call me by the end of the week, I naturally assume that, hey, I will get a call by Friday. Here it is, 3:13PM on Friday and my phone ain't ringing. I'm not desperate, but me sitting around the house staring at my fucking phone and waiting for that call makes me feel like I am. It makes me feel week and stupid and, blech...desperate. I hate that. Oh well, it's still early...maybe he will call and say " Erin, we would absolutely LOVE for you to come work with us as a technician. You are exactly what we have been looking for." Maybe....

Sidebar: why the fuckity fuck can I never spell technician right? I always spell it technition. Secondly: when I spell it wrong, why does technician NEVER come up in the dictionary options? Frustrating...this is me being all frustrated and whatnot.

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